Why Business Listings Are Crucial To Your Dealership

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Consumer perception and trust are major factors in the buyer's journey and purchase decision. Since 86% of buyers start their journey online, having an understanding of how and where people talk about your business should be a focal point within your digital marketing efforts. 

When a prospect trusts your dealership, they are more likely to purchase from you. One of the best ways to demonstrate sales and service credibility is by using local business listings to generate positive reviews and engage with people who've done business with you. 

Business listings also have a significant impact on local SEO. The more accurate and credible your business appears online, the more reputable Google, and other search engines, will “see” you. 

By managing local listings and your online reputation, you’ll see improved organic rankings and better placement in Google Maps overtime. 

Business Listings Play a Role In Local SEO 

Business listings management is considered a part of local SEO strategy. The reason has to do with your overall quality score with Google. Google looks at every place your business is online and assigns a quality score using a complicated algorithm. 

One way to help improve your quality score is to make sure information about your dealership is accurate across online directories like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yelp, and Facebook. 

Business listings links also play an important role in boosting local SEO. When sites with authority link to your website, it drives traffic and signals to search engines. This indicates that your business is a trustworthy and reputable source.

Business Listings Impact Your Online Reputation 

Many people will find your dealership for the first time because of your Google listing and decide whether to become a customer or not based on your reviews. Because reviews have such an impact on consumer perception, having a process by which your reviews are monitored and managed is super important. 

When it comes to Google, it’s all about being trustworthy. The more Google reviews you have, the more your dealership will be recognized as trustworthy - not only to consumers but to the search engine itself. The more Google “sees” you as a credible source, the more likely you are to appear in search queries. 

Need a Business Listings & Local SEO Plan? 

Listings and Reviews Management are incredibly important aspects to the overall health of your business. Let us help put your dealership on the Map (Google Maps) literally! 

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