Are TV and Radio Still Enough for Car Dealers?

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Hale Soucie

When I talk to car dealers about their digital marketing strategy, a lot of times I hear something along the lines of, “We’ve gotten along just fine doing radio spots, TV ads and direct mail, why do we need digital marketing now?”

They do make a good point. What they’ve been doing was good enough in the past, so it should still be enough… right?

In the past there were only so many ways to consume media. If you wanted to watch something you could either watch TV or pop in a VHS or DVD. If you wanted to listen to something you were either going to turn on the radio or listen to something you owned on an 8-track, cassette tape or eventually CD.

At the time TV and radio were the best options available to a car dealer trying to get their message out to a wide range of shoppers, but even then, the ads that they paid good money for could be playing to an empty room and they would have no idea.

With the advent of streaming services both for video and music, the amount of ways that shoppers can consume media has expanded dramatically and shoppers have increasingly turned away from traditional TV and radio.

So, what does this mean for car dealers who want to get their offers to car shoppers in the most impactful and cost-effective way possible?

Let’s put it this way: Would you buy a radio spot that only played in the cars of your brand owners or current car shoppers? Of course, you would. You’d be crazy not to.

Or, if you could have an advertisement on TV that only charged you if someone likely to buy a car from your dealership was watching, would you? Obviously, the answer is again, yes.

That is what digital marketing does. Edifice campaigns place your content on websites, in apps and in Social Media feeds, constantly delivering your message to your shoppers through an automated delivery system. Your ads are only placed on pages, feeds and apps as a prospect is viewing them, meaning you are never “playing to an empty room,” and most importantly you know who they are being shown to.

With our extensive database of customer data, we can target your brand owners and people in the market to buy, giving you the best results for your ad spend.

If you still aren’t convinced, we are so confident in our product that all our solutions come with an ROI guarantee.

So, are TV and radio still enough for car dealers? The answer is no. The good news though is that there's a better option and you don't have to figure it out by yourself.

Want to learn more about how it works and see the potential in your area? Click the big blue button below and we'll give you a free, no obligation market study. 

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