Making Money or Making Excuses?

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Skip Soucie

       For the 40 years that I have been in the car business, dealers have complained about the "shortage" of technicians. This 40+ year "shortage" may  be the new norm, and if so, Dealers who adapt will have the greatest chance for success.

Successful Dealers will grow their business. Successful Dealers will ask questions like:

"How can I grow my Service business in this environment?".

Let's explore two options:

1. Increase Number of RO’s

2. Increase Revenue per RO

The tech "shortage" directly affects the amount of ROs a Service Department can produce, making Increasing the number of ROs implausible.

That leaves increasing Revenue (Dollars) per RO.

How can that be done?

Join our Dealer Partners!

Experience substantial increases in Dollars per RO...

Without changing any one of your processes!

Click below to find out!

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