Reaching The Right People With Your Dealership's Marketing Efforts

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Hale Soucie

Let's say there is a person who lives within a 15 mile radius of your dealership who is going to buy a vehicle sometime over the next six months.  Let's also say that this person is considering a brand you carry and let's also say that they are even considering buying from you.

Would you say that it would be to your benefit to have mail, email and perhaps Facebook (or other apps) delivering your message to this person on a consistent basis during the approximately 6 months prior to this person 'pulling the trigger'?

Absolutely: Regardless of all that is stated above that is working in your favor, you are still only one of this person's many options.  By staying in front of him/her during their buying cycle, you are keeping your dealership's option in play.

This is called Intelligent, Consistent and Direct Marketing.  The result of this approach is that while consistently fishing where the fish are, your market share will show improvement.  And, I say market share instead of volume, because neither you, I nor anyone else knows how many vehicles are going to be sold in any particular month.

How do you find the right people to 'touch'?  By using data that identifies people who have shown interest in automotive sales and/or service.  This data is available through the programs that we at Edifice Automotive have been providing for over 12 years.  Our clients unilaterally show strength in market share as well as out-performing the market share of the brands they sell.

Is this something you need help with? Edifice can take a lot of this load off you and provide you with this data, as well as marketing insight and management tips. We allow dealers to choose a more hands on approach, or to leave it to us for turnkey solutions. Either way, don't leave a buyer's decision up to chance. You can be sure that the other dealerships in your area are competing for their business and their efforts could easily sway what would have been a guaranteed sale for you.

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