Is Your Dealership Using Facebook Recommendations?

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Facebook Recommendations are essentially consumer endorsements. Compared to Facebook Reviews, where consumers would leave a star-rating along with a comment, Recommendations are super easy to use and have even greater local reach. 

People can indicate if they recommend your business to others with a simple "Yes" or "No". They can also explain why using tags, text, and photos. By selecting a tag (think of tags as virtual paper clips), they can help themes emerge in the feedback from Recommendations, making it easier for potential customers to see what your business is known for.

FB Recommendations

Because auto dealerships are so heavily rated and reviewed online, you can quickly start to get how much impact Facebook Recommendations are to your dealership.

Some Key Benefits of Using Facebook Recommendations: 

1. Reach People As They Are Making Decisions 

Recommendations appear on your page and are discoverable across Facebook when people are searching for, or talking about, your dealership. Because people trust the opinions of those they know, Recommendations will surface most prominently.


2. Greater Local Reach 

Your dealerships’ Facebook Page score (your consumer rating) appears across Facebook and within important decision-making areas, such as the ‘Places’ section, or Maps view. 

Since Facebook features will show first the recommendations provided by the closest friends which will empower the purchasing decisions and bring greater trust. 

This means that recommendations are not only the opinions given by customers directly on the business’s Facebook page but also when people respond to their friends when they look for a recommendation on Facebook.


3. Build Dealership Loyalty & Trust  

Recommendations impact the perception of your dealership pretty significantly because of the ability to see close friends feedback first. Because Recommendations from closest friends are shown first, those “opinions” are going to be more prominent and carry more weight.

Edifice Automotive Essential Takeaways 

There are more tactics and tools on the market every day that can help you reach more people and build better audiences. It's our job to make sure you're well informed and taking full advantage of digital marketing strategies to move your business forward. 

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