How To Grow Your Service Department's Conquest Customer Base

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How many people in your local market drive your brand? How many of those local same brand owners are in your CRM?

Dealerships often find that they have a CRM full of lapsed, one-time visitors. Visitors that haven't come into your dealership for service in over a year are conquest targets, and utilizing your existing CRM in conjunction with your digital marketing strategy is vital to growing these targets into frequent customers!

How To Get More Conquest Customers In Your Service Department

Most dealerships and service departments send out regular reminders for service or promotions to draw customers back, but if you only have access to a limited number of owners in your market place, how many other potential service customers are you missing out on?

At Edifice, we have been working hard on developing new service-focused campaigns for our dealers that have one goal: increasing your number of Conquest Customer RO's.

Our service solutions are designed to reach all of the brand owners that live in your market to deliver them your message on our mobile, social, display, and email platforms.

Using match-back reporting, we measure the success of our campaigns and monitor what works best for your dealership to send you more and more service customers.

Clicks and impressions are great, but last time we checked you can't take a click to the bank and cash it.

That's why our solution is designed to reach potential customers you have never done service or customers who haven't been in your dealership within the past year to drive them to your service department and we measure its success in RO's.

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