How Dealerships Can Increase Customer Engagement With Creative

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There's a lot that you can do to ensure that you have the best creative, and to extend its shelf life. Today we are focusing on the three most important practices to ensure your best ad delivery, increase customer engagement, and extend the life of your ads.

Variety of Image Formats and Layouts:

Showcasing your inventory and service offerings in several layouts greatly improves your chances to engage shoppers.

Diversity of creative can help to catch viewers' eye, re-engage people who have previously viewed your ads and to provide A/B testing for your team to find out what works best. Having a variety of creative formats and layouts can help you avoid a creative falling flat with no other alternatives on display.

Directly feeding your inventory into your creative not only helps with engaging active shoppers and getting them into your showroom, but it also avoids prospects feeling like they were baited and switched.

Have CTAs in all of your advertising.

So you've caught the viewers attention, now what? Are you going to make them Google your dealership once they're interested or give them a clear path to visit/buy?

Calls to Action make for a better shopping experience, keep the customer engaged and allow you to track metrics and gauge the success of your advertising.

For sales creative more often than not you need to have CTAs that lead directly to your inventory or the special offers you are promoting. Setting up online service scheduling and linking that directly to your advertising makes it that much easier for customers seeking service to come directly to you.

Using the right types of images for your advertising.

For selecting images in your advertising its important to decide the tone of your ads and what you're trying to convey. Do you want this to look like something from the OEM? Or do you want to make sure the shopper knows you are local and can talk to them today?

The type of images you choose and whether they are ones directly from your inventory or ad planner can make a big difference in your accessibility to the customer.

If you or someone at your dealership takes care of your online advertising these best practices will ensure you get the most out of your ad creatives.

If you do not have someone handling your advertising or are looking for help, the good news is that at Edifice these best practices are part of our process. Our in-house creative team and administrators work with dealers to set up ads for success and monitor their results to ensure the highest level of engagement.

If you would like to learn more about how Edifice can help you deliver your message to shoppers and increase your market share, click the blue button below to receive a free market study.

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