Google Maps Advertising Drives More Shoppers to Dealers

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Dealers are already aware of the importance of advertising on Facebook and Instagram and for a good reason: your shoppers spend a lot of time on there. But what other apps do your prospects use?

According to a recent survey, over 77% percent of smart-phone users regularly use navigation apps to get from point A to point B.

So it should come as no surprise that Google is now offering advertising on their navigation app as well as their subsidiary, Waze.

The ads work in a couple different ways and have been shown to increase foot-traffic and help shoppers find a business before they reach their competitors.

Promoted Pins

Say someone in your area is looking to see what car dealers are located in their immediate area. They run a Google search and the map pops up with a bunch of little red pins denoting the location of every local dealer, so which one are they going to click on first?

When using Promoted Pins, your stores location will be shown as a purple flag and even show your logo, making it stand out from the crowd of ordinary red pins.

In addition to this, your store will be placed higher in the results listing, which can make a big difference as search results are typically sorted by distance.

With Promoted Pins and top placement in search results, dealerships won't miss the chance to be the first store a shopper sees simply because they are a half-mile further down the street than their competitors.

In-Store Promotions

Along with that fancy colored Pin, your dealership will also be able to show in-store special offers, such as sales or service promotions, right on your business listing. (This is the page that when clicked expands and shows store details such as your number, address and reviews.)

This is another great way for dealers to attract nearby customers browsing for sales and especially service by showcasing your prices and scope of services. 

Local Inventory Search

When a shopper clicks on your ad they can also search your inventory to see what cars you have in stock. This removes just one more barrier for the shopper who can now browse your selection from the Google listing without having to navigate through your site.

With an inventory feed set up like this, shopping from your dealership will be made even more convenient, and like we always say: convenience is king.

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