Facebook Remains Dominant Force for Automotive Marketing

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Despite a rocky year with questions in how it handles its data and customer privacy, the Social Media giant is still king and won’t be giving up the crown anytime soon.

According to a recent study, 94% of consumers surveyed use Facebook.

While the number of users in the ages 13-17 and 18-24 demographic have been steadily declining year over year (by 40 and 14% respectively,) users in older age ranges have increased dramatically over the last six years.

The 25-34, 35-54, and 55+ ranges have seen steady growth, with the 55+ demographic seeing a 46% increase in 2017 from 2014.

While Facebook may be seeking to re-engage younger audiences, this shift in age is good news for car dealers as it allows them to more easily connect with their target demographics.

The top reasons consumers use Facebook are to engage with friends and family, share information with family and friends, and find entertainment. However, the amount of people connecting with businesses on Facebook is steadily increasing as customers do more and more of their shopping online.

So, what do your customers want when they go on Facebook from you as a dealer?

When it comes to content (an integral part of your digital strategy) the study’s data provides an outline for businesses to create content that consumers want.

· 72% would like to see discounts or sales.

· 60% want content that showcases new products and services.

· 59% want posts that teach something.

· 49% want posts that inspire.

· 41% want posts that announce what’s happening at the company.

· 37% want posts that tell a story.

Customer's reception of ads on Facebook scores higher than other mediums due to their non-invasive format with a majority of those polled saying they want to receive communications outlining sales and specials.

The level of engagement and audience receptiveness makes Facebook a powerful tool for car dealerships to connect with new and existing customers. To start using it to its full potential, click the big blue button below.

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