Effectively Marketing Your Dealership's Used & CPO Vehicles

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I think we would all agree that, at its core, effective marketing requires a clear understanding of who you are marketing to and what is important to that particular audience. 

Seems like common sense, right? Well, not so fast. You would be surprised how often we see new car sales attributes being applied to sell used and CPO vehicles. 


We all know that, in general, what’s important to a new car buyer is different than what’s important to a used car buyer. Nevertheless, marketers often push the same messaging with typical attributes to both new and used audiences. 

For example, promoting low interest rates, offering large rebates, or touting a 150 point inspection and extended warranties. These are traditionally new sales attributes that have gotten pulled into more general car sales advertising.

The disconnect is understandable because the majority of marketers who are responsible for advertising both new and used vehicles, spend 75% or more of their time and budget marketing new vehicles.

While new car shoppers are generally looking for a specific vehicle, good interest rates and incentives at the best price, used and CPO car shoppers are interested in year, make, model, mileage, condition of the car, and finding a fair price. 

Okay, now what? 

Now, let’s talk about things to consider the next time you plan to market your used or CPO vehicles. With Facebook inventory ads and similar dynamic advertising mediums, there are countless ways to reach shoppers. However, effectively reaching them takes a bit more strategy starting with establishing what the most important things are to your used and CPO shoppers. Knowing what matters to your customers is your marketing compass. 

The takeaway 

At EDIFICE Automotive, we like to remind ourselves to think like the consumer. It's a consumer mindset combined with industry research and digital expertise that drives effective marketing campaigns. The name of the game is know your audience if you want a greater ROI. 

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