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At Edifice Automotive we not only have tons of experience in digital marketing, we also have years of experience in running dealerships. Several of the executives at Edifice Automotive have over 30 years of experience in the industry. This experience is what equipped and inspired them to create a company that offers solutions that specifically addresses your needs and goals as a dealer. When we partner with dealers, we make it a point to not tell you what you need, but instead to listen to your goals and design a tailored solution for you. We have found that this way of doing business not only helps us build a relationship with our customers, but it also helps them increase their sales and service revenue with the least amount of cost possible. Edifice harnesses the power of Big Data so that you can get more foot traffic to your dealership, an increased sense of trust from potential car buyers, and more monthly sales as a result.

You won’t get these results from a digital marketing agency who works with just any type of client. Edifice knows the business of selling cars.

When you work with Edifice, you can have peace of mind that your digital marketing campaign is being managed by marketers who have intimate knowledge of how the automotive industry works from experience.

Our staff specializes in optimizing and tailoring digital marketing campaigns for selling cars. Competing digital marketing agencies often have clients in every industry imaginable. They’ll create an ad campaign for your dealership that uses the same exact template as a beauty salon running a special on spa services. While tech-savvy digital marketers may know how to push ads, they don’t specifically know the nuances of selling cars. This is why the first thing we do before a client has even committed is give them a Free Market Study. This market study not only helps us to see the potential in your market, but it also gives you a picture of the areas you are excelling in and areas that have more opportunities for you to sell more. This market study is a good tool to help you make what we call S.M.A.R.T Goals for your dealership.

To learn more about Smart Goals or request a free market study click the buttons below:

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Car buyer behaviors and data-based solutions that play on these behaviors is our area of expertise that will get you more new car sales than you thought possible.

Car dealerships present unique challenges when crafting digital marketing campaigns. People now do more research online before going to dealerships in person than ever before. According to JD Power and Associates, the average car buyer in the market for a new vehicle will spend 14 hours doing research on different types of cars before making a trip to a dealership to purchase a car. The same study cites that 34% of new car buyers will also use a smartphone or tablet while at a dealership to learn more about features, model information, and what the competition is charging for the same car.

These behaviors are significant because it drastically affects how the structure of a digital marketing campaign should be planned. How are you going to take advantage of all these different devices that people use today? How will you keep a potential car buyer interested even if they walk away from your dealership empty-handed?

Even if you have thousands of prospects who never bought a car from you, we can help you turn what you thought were dead ends into the owners of new cars from your dealership thanks to the power of our in-house data and targeting solutions. Our digital marketing experts and data scientists can make this happen for you without taking the “one size fits all” approach your average digital marketing agency will apply to any and every client. Our CRM Revive program is specially designed for car dealerships to get more sales from pre-existing leads without having to invest resources in new lead generation. This in turn increases efficiency while saving you time and money.

We create integrated digital marketing campaigns tailored to car dealerships that work.

Our satisfied clients will attest to the vast increases in car sales they experienced after working with us. We use a skillfully blended mixture of mobile, social, and email marketing to generate quality leads then data and analytics to determine which of those leads are serious car buyers who’ve done their research and are ready to give you their money.

Employing the right digital marketing and data strategies is what will turn your campaigns from a shot in the dark to bringing in many people to your office to sign the papers for their new cars. When you work with Edifice Automotive, you can have the confidence that you are trusting your marketing efforts with an agency that has a proven track record and knows the automotive business in and out.

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