Buying Patterns: Then and Now

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Buying Patterns: Then and Now

The way that people buy products has been changing drastically over the last 10 years.

In the past, once a consumer developed a need or desire for a product or service they would need to take a trip to a brick and mortar location in order to learn more about the product. From there they would find out more about the product or service through speaking to an associate or inspecting it themselves. If they decided that they did indeed want to make a purchase, they would select the specific item that met their needs and proceed to purchase it at the store.

Today, the process has been changed entirely by the internet and the constantly expanding digital marketplace. Due to the vast supply of information constantly at their fingertips, consumers can discover, learn about, and even purchase a good or service from the comfort of their home.

This leads to a very important question that anyone who sells anything must ask themselves:

If the way that consumers buy has changed so much, why am I still selling the same way?

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