7 Do’s & Don’ts You Can Count On For Better Customer Acquisition

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Digital marketers are looking to the future, hoping to expand their enterprise ever further. Just like in any other industry, the ability to grow requires a plan and the right tools for the job. We’ll be focusing on a few key tips that will help you take your marketing strategy one step further.

The Strategy:
  1. Do focus on your audience first. It’s important that you know what kind of message to broadcast- but even more important that you know who you’re broadcasting to. Whether you’re looking to attract new prospects, retain existing customers, or a mixture of both, you should first identify your target market. With your audience in mind, you can now tailor your communications to suit their exact needs.


  1. Don’t let your email campaigns stall out at the starting gate because of outdated or poorly targeted mailing lists. Find a partner like Edifice Automotive who possesses the data and expertise necessary to curate a relevant, targeted marketing list. They’ll weed out inappropriate leads and drive the right clientele directly towards your business.


  1. Do take the time to properly analyze the results of your marketing efforts. You’ll be able to pinpoint the sweet spot for your marketing efforts and ensure future success by monitoring and adjusting your communications. Get familiar with services like Google Analytics to break down website visits into a digestible format.


  1. Don’t forget about the competition! Your business does not exist in a vacuum- when planning your marketing strategies, don’t ignore the significance of your competitors’ tactics and promotional strategies for the next few financial quarters.


  1. Do your research when stepping out into unexplored realms of digital marketing- there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Pay attention to industry leaders’ opinions and recommendations on new products and processes as they emerge.


  1. Do stay mindful of legislative and compliance concerns while using proprietary data processing tools. It’s imperative that you remain informed on regulatory standards and best practices for customer data- they’re trusting you to keep their information safe!


  1. Don’t worry about doing everything yourself. When in doubt or just feeling overwhelmed, reference online resources like our blogs to help guide you through troublesome issues.

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