3 Clever Ways Dealers Can Protect Buyers From Car Theft

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Dealerships that set themselves apart from the competition are ones that take care of customers long after they sell them a car. One underutilized technique to do this is to educate and equip customers on the important topic of car theft and how to prevent it.

Obviously, it's not the dealership's responsibility to lock a driver's doors or chase down would-be-thieves. However, taking time with customers to discuss features or implement certain tactics to prevent car theft can increase customer satisfaction, build rapport, and encourage future business.

Also, in addition to improving relationships, these suggestions represent profit opportunities. 

Here are 3 clever ways for dealerships to help customers prevent car theft.

1. Up-sell Safety Features

Whether the buyer knows the car they want or they've yet to decide on a model, it's important for salespeople to know how to up-sell anti-theft features.

These include:

These things do everything from assisting owners with locating their vehicles, deterring break ins, and even triggering an alarm when any suspected theft attempt occurs.

Also, it's important to know which vehicles are theft-prone so dealers can be sure to advocate heavily on these features for the customer's safety (without scaring them off, of course).

While they help keep buyers safe, they also provide an opportunity for dealerships to show customers a greater concern for their safety and well-being, which fosters trust and a stronger relationship.

2. Provide Information On Vehicle Tracking Options


Antitheft features are great, but it's also wise for dealers to discuss vehicle tracking options with  their buyers.

Often times providing information on systems like LoJack or Spy Tec can show potential buyers a  deeper level of customer care. This, in turn, improves their overall experience and could encourage them to use that dealership for car maintenance and future purchases.

Check out this article on quality vehicle tracking options for consumers.

3. Develop Follow Up Resources On Anti-Theft Tips

One clever way dealerships could go the extra mile for their customers is by developing antitheft resources.

This could be anything from emails, blogs, brochures, or even a script to discuss with clients. The goal with this should be to help educate buyers on safety products and tactics in order to provide ongoing support.

Here's a great resource on car theft deterrent practices to educate buyers on and use for developing resources in the future.

These tactics may seem very simple and straightforward, but incorporating them in to a sales process can help dealerships boost sales, customer experience, and overall satisfaction.

Keep an eye out for future Edifice Blogs for tips and tactics to boost your sales, thrill your customers, and grow your dealership! 

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