Black Friday and What it Means for Dealers

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Black Friday. Typically regarded as the first day of the Christmas shopping season, stores offer special prices and deals that result in a mad dash of frenzied shoppers the day after Thanksgiving. Some people dread the crowds and traffic, but almost a third of Americans in 2017 braved the mob to shop for Christmas gifts for loved ones or find sweet deals. 

But does it matter to car dealers?

In the past, Black Friday has been an exclusively retail "holiday," but more and more shoppers each year indicate that they are hunting for deals on cars as well.

18% of car shoppers reported that they were more likely to visit a car dealership on Black Friday last year with 74% of those doing so exclusively for incentives and deals. 

Many manufacturers have responded to this demand and are offering special deals and promotions to entice shoppers. This presents a chance for dealers to boost their sales for November before the year comes to an end and we definitely recommend that you seize this opportunity.

Not only can a boosted marketing blast help you capture those car shoppers already looking for deals, but the 100 million plus shoppers at malls and shopping centers present a great chance to engage other prospects with geo-fencing and geo-targeted campaigns. 

Edifice is offering special campaigns to help you target Black Friday shoppers and drive them to your dealership at discount prices.

Don't let all that turkey and stuffing bog you down and make you miss a chance to dominate your market and boost your November numbers. 

To learn more click the blue button below and an Edifice representative will give you the full pricing and details for this once a year offer. 

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